Philly Women Fifteens Sides

Mullets:  women's Division I

The DI team regularly plays against other DI teams in MAC (Mid-Atlantic Conference): NOVA A, Pittsburgh, and Raleigh, in addition to some crossover matches with MAC North DII teams: Brandywine, Doylestown, Phoenixville Whitehorse, and Harrisburg.

Mustaches: Women's Division DIII

The DIII team competes in a league with the other MAC DIII North teams: York/Lancaster, NE Philly Irish, Lehigh Valley, South Jersey, and Happy Valley.

Looking for information about our high school team? See the Play High School page.

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Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7:30pm - 9:30pm (see Schedule)
Kingsessing Recreation Center
4901 Kingsessing Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19143




Seasonal Dues

  • $125 for returning players
  • $100 for team rookies and students

Payment Methods

  • Paypal ( or use the button below
  • Cash, in person
  • Check, in person, payable to PWRFC
Dues Options

Money should not keep you from playing rugby. For payment plans, please get in touch with our treasurer at

Additional Responsibilities

Points System

Players are expected to contribute to administrative and fundraising tasks to sustain our club. We use a points system to ensure that the burden of these tasks is fairly distributed to all players. Points are given for almost any task a player does on behalf of the club off the field (including Linc events).

Linc Events

During the NFL season, we work concession stands at Lincoln Financial Field. Due to our contract with the Linc that requires us to work every home game, we require every D1 player to attend Linc training and work 3-6 events during the season (the exact number varies season to season). D3 players maybe choose to work Linc events as a means to earn their points, but it is not a D3 requirement.