PWRFC Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony takes place each year at Friends & Family day each April. In early spring the Hall of Fame committee will accept nominations. Qualifications and committee guidelines can be found at the bottom of this page. 

2011 - Angie Clark Rapalyea and Betsy Tomlinson

2012 - MA Sorenson and Gary Manear

2013 - Michelle “Beast” Taft Morris

2015 - Kristin “MAC” McCarthy

2018 - Travis Blasi and Angie Marfici Nagle

2019 - Rachel Kenyon


Rachel Kenyon

PWRFC Playing Experience:  1992 - 1999, Coached until 2002~
Positions played: 2nd Row, Coach

  • Rachel was a guiding leader on and off the field during a time of big transition and rebuilding

  • East Select Side player

  • MARFU Player during the first year of selections when MARFU was created as a smaller territory in 1996.

  • She was an important asset on many PWRFC 7s teams over the years and was a member of the Philly-heavy "select" team that won the National All Star Invitational Tournament in 1997.

  • USA Pool Player

  • Rachel was a true team player - opening her DC house and sharing her family with the team whenever we traveled to the capital region (for matches or Ruggerfest). 

“She was my first club coach out of college and I’ll always remember how warm and welcoming she was towards the “new kid” . She stepped in during a very transitional time on the club and helped guide us through. I have continued to be in Rachel’s presence over the past 18 years and she still maintains a love for the game, attending many friends and family events and staying connected to alumni.” - Angie Marfici Nagle

“Rachel was the definition of a stalwart teammate - consistent and hardworking, and never complained, always the consummate Quaker - it's hard to dig up any real dirt on her! Barf bag stories and tuna hoagies notwithstanding, one of the most important lessons I ever learned from Rachel was to always - always - drive the team van myself on road trips” - Beast

“What stands out for me was when she was a selector.  Rachel is just so fair and so calm that she was always able to help take the emotion out of those meetings.  You knew you could trust what she was saying, and she was great at helping us make decisions.  As a younger player, she was someone that you didn't want to disappoint - and her facial expression let us know whether she found our antics amusing or appalling.” - Melissa Wagamon


Travis Blasi

PWRFC Playing Experience:  2000-2008
Positions played: Flyhalf, Fullback

  • PWRFC Coach 2014 - 2016, 2018

  • Alternate Captain for many seasons

  • Selector for many seasons

  • Field Chair 2000- 2005

  • Kutztown University rugby alum

  • Met her wife, Meredith Hegg, on the team and together they have two children

“One of my favorite people to play with. No matter what team or situation, I never doubted Travis' ability to handle it. She was a fearless, gritty, and smart competitor. Travis is one of the best teammates and friend I have ever had and I always knew she supported me both on and off the field.” - Mancini

“So, I think it’s important for us to talk about how they both embody leadership, selflessness and passion for not only the game of rugby but for Philly Women. We have all shared in hugs, huddles and tears, both on and off the pitch." - Patti

angie marfici nagle

PWRFC Playing Experience: 2002 - 2010
Positions played: Loose-head prop, Hooker, Eightman, flanker

  • Served as PWRFC Captain for many years

  • Played for Temple in college

  • Coached Temple Owls

  • MARFU Senior All Star 2006

  • 2007 USA - A (non-traveling side) Eagle - played against Canada

  • Assistant Coach USA Rugby Collegiate All American 2010

“Since college Angie had a deep commitment and devotion to rugby both as a player and an administrator and that never wavered through her years with Philly. She was a player who motivated the team with her tough and tireless play. If it weren't for Angie, I would not have played 7s my first summer after college with Philly. I can not imagine what my life would have been like without this family and for that I am forever grateful." - Mancini

- There were no nominees for 2016 and 2017 -


Kristin "Mac" McCarthy

PWRFC Playing Experience:  Spring 1996-fall 2001 (retired due to injury); 
Positions played: Outside Center, Fullback, Lock, 8-Man.

  • PWRFC Club Officer 2001

    • When a second team was created in the Philadelphia area, Mac made sure to keep PWRFC running smoothly and provided great leadership through this time

  • MARFU Administrator

  • Level II USARFU coaching certification.

  • 2001 - ? - Drexel University Women's Rugby Head Coach: View Coaching Philosophy

“Mac loved Philly Women so deeply. I remember the night we came up with the name "Lola" for the image of the woman running with the ball that was used on so much of our stuff. That was just one of many nights we sat in Dickens Inn laughing our butts off.” - Lisa “Huff” Heinrich

In 1999, there was a successful spoken word song released by Bax Luhrmann known as The Sunscreen Song.  Mac adapted it for rugby and it made its way around the rugby world, onto many teams' web-sites, etc. 


Coming soon...


Michelle “Beast” Taft Morris

Played with Philly from 1992 to 2003, and served as president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, vice captain and assistant coach...but not all at once! Even after retiring as an active Philly player, she rounded out a decade of making Pumpkinfest a huge success as the tournament chair. A role which she says mostly made her “cry and drink a lot.” After the hall of fame induction, Beast joined in with other dedicated alumnae to make sure the beer didn’t outlast the party and shared these words of wisdom the current team: “You don't get inducted into the PWRFC Hall of Fame for leaving the party early!”


Gary Manear

  • Believed in women when no one else did

  • Mentally and physically prepped the team for the first nationals

  • Worked behind the scenes with statistics to ensure PWRFC qualified

  • Led the team to the first ever women's nationals where we got 8th place

  • Played for: Chesapeake, Whitemarsh

  • Coached: Hibernians

Ma Sorenson

  • A coach once told her "Some people treat rugby like a game, but you treat it like your love, and that will be your hardship"

  • 1975 began rugby at College of William and Mary

  • 19 years with PWRFC, 1978-1999

  • EXCEPT 83-85 with Maulie Maguires in Bethlehem

  • Went to Nationals in '81 (8th place), '97, '98

  • Select side: EPRU, Eastern Rugby Union, MARFU, USA Eagle 1990-2000

  • 25 international caps

  • Played in inaugural world cup '91, 1st place

  • Played in Wales, Canada, Scotland, Australia, Fiji, Amsterdam, and New Zealand

  • USA Rugby International Athlete 96-99

  • Coached PWRFC: 2002-2007

  • Assistant MARFU coach: 2003-2007

  • Scrum/forward coach at USA Women's Camps


Angie Clark Rapalyea and Betsy Tomlinson

Angie and Betsy met in the fall of 1975. Betsy knew some women in the Doylestown-area and Angie knew women in the Philadelphia-area who were interested in playing rugby. Neither had enough for a full side so they combined forces and, in the spring of 1976, founded Philadelphia Women's Rugby Club.

Philly's first match was at University of Delaware, which Philly lost 13-0. But next season's home rematch against Delaware ended in a win and Angie had the honor of scoring Philly's first-ever try!

Angie played pretty much every position in the pack until her retirement in 1983, but found her home at tight-head prop. She and Betsy ran the club for several years.

Betsy is still very involved in the rugby community and her children and grandchildren currently play for Doylestown RFC.

Inductees will be announced each year at Friends & Family Day. A new selection committee will be selected following the announcement. To volunteer for the selection committee please contact

Selection Criteria

Inductee must display at least one of the following characteristics:

  • Membership on USA team, Territorial or Union all-star squad

  • Membership on PWRFC championship teams

  • Acknowledged superiority of skill relevant to positional category

  • Lofty display of sportsmanship

  • Production of an extraordinary playing record

  • Longevity of participation in the game of rugby

  • Overall contribution to PWRFC in the capacity of administrator, manager, coach, referee or other recognized personality of the game

Inductee must display all of the following characteristics:

  • Member of PWRFC for a minimum of 3 total years

  • Retired for a minimum of 2 years

Exceptions to aforementioned criteria:

  • In the case of the death of an active member, or a member who retired fewer than 2 years ago, the deceased member is eligible at the time of the next election, immediately following death.

  • Any player, administrator, manager, coach, referee or other personality who has been elected to the Hall Of Fame, and and who later brings the game and/or the Hall of Fame into disrepute, can be expelled at the discretion of the Selection Committee.

Induction procedures

  • Inductees will be chosen by the Hall of Fame Selection Committee and honored at PWRFC’s Annual Friends and Family Day in May each year

  • The 5-member Selection Committee will be appointed the in January prior to Friends and Family Day by the current board (see details below), and no one can serve on the Selection Committee for more than 3 consecutive years

  • The Selection Committee will make a call for nominations to the current and retired members

  • All nominations will be considered and the Selection Committee will make the final appointments

  • There will be a maximum of 2 inductees per year

  • If there are no viable candidates, the Selection Committee reserves the right not to induct anyone

Selection Committee Framework

  • One PWRFC Board Member, who is also a current player. If there are no viable options, the PWRFC Board will select a current player at their discretion.

  • Four retired players, each representing a different decade in PWRFC’s history.