Meet Coach R2 Bravo!

Coach R2

Coach R2

Philly Women is very fortunate this season to have a staff of 5 dedicated coaches! We will be doing weekly editions of "get to know your coaches" and this week, we will get to know D1 Head Coach, Arturo Bravo Nuevo - aka R2! Let's get to know R2!

Name: R2

How long have you played/coached rugby? Played since I was 6. First in Spain. I had a scholarship at uni then played top division rugby for a while. After that I moved to New Zealand to play rugby for a year and then Australia for 5 years. I have been coaching since I was 26. I got my level 300 3 years ago.

Favorite position to play on the pitch? Scrummie

What do you love most about coaching? Being able to design a system, having the players implement it and seeing that it makes a difference in terms of results. That is very satisfactory.

What do you do in your spare time outside of rugby? Riding motorcycles, hiking, reading

Favorite rugby memory/moment: Winning the National championship with my university.

What are you most excited about coaching for Philly Women? The culture, without doubt. This team has the best team culture of any other I've ever coached.

Interesting fact about yourself: I never drink coffee. A long time ago, I played an important game after a long night of going out in which I hadn't slept at all. I had a cup of coffee and it made me so aggressive that I punched a player of the opposite team and he had to be taken off in a stretcher. I have never had coffee since.