Meet Coach Bill Jalbert!


Philly Women is very fortunate this season to have a staff of 5 dedicated coaches! We will be doing weekly editions of "get to know your coaches" and we are excited to introduce new D3 Head Coach, Bill Jalbert! Bill is a level 300 coach with a ton of experience coaching various men's team around Philly: Lasalle, UPenn, Temple, and Schuylkill. Let's get to know Bill!

Name: Bill Jalbert

How long have you played/coached rugby? 25 years

Favorite position to play on the pitch? Hooker

What do you love most about coaching? The look on a player's face at the magic moment when they put all the pieces together and execute something that has eluded them. Absolutely beautiful.

What do you do in your spare time outside of rugby? "outside of rugby" What is that?

Favorite rugby memory/moment: Playing hooker vs Old Blue in an April monsoon. Stole their ball on their 5M scrum, resulting in a try. I think we lost the match, but I loved that moment.

What are you most excited about coaching for Philly Women? Club culture is amazing, and the organizational/administration structure allows coaches to focus on coaching. And, working with R2, Travis, Mike & Matt is awesome.

Fun fact about yourself: "Saving Private Ryan" will get me to cry at least twice, every time I watch it.