Support PA United Rugby: A High School Program in the Philly Area


This past winter, Philly Women began to assist, recruit for, and help coach the new independent girl's high school rugby club, PA United Rugby, which welcomes coaching, resources, and administrative support from all area senior rugby clubs. 

Philly Women is really excited for this development and some players have already started filling some of the roles required to support a team including assistant coaching / social media (Kate Flan), Website Management (Taylor), and recruitment (TK). Other players have helped out at practices and with recruiting efforts so far. This season the team has over fifteen brand new players to rugby and a growing roster every week!! 

There will be more opportunities to pair up with the club over the spring including a potential triple header game on April 14. Players and alums from Philly Women are also welcome to support weekly at practices in Conshohoken and at local games on Sundays. 

As with any rugby club, the team must have a strong administration and coaching staff. There are a few positions still available on the PA United Rugby board. If you are interested in youth rugby or high school rugby administration, please reach out to TK at and she can help find a spot for you! 

PA United is a great opportunity for Philly Women players and alums to give back to the game by supporting youth rugby in the area. You can visit the new team website at