Meet Coach Travis


Philly Women is very fortunate this season to have a staff of 5 dedicated coaches! We will be doing weekly editions of "get to know your coaches" and this week, we will get to know our backs coach (and PWRFC alum!), Travis Blasi

Name: Travis Blasi

How long have you played/coached rugby? Played for 15 years. Coached 2014 -2016 and then rejoined the team again last season.

Favorite position to play on the pitch? Fullback

What do you love most about coaching? Watching the team execute something you taught them and have it work!

What do you do in your spare time outside of rugby? Ride my bike, although I hate the spandex!

Favorite rugby memory/moment: After the Keystone split from PWRFC, we beat NOVA in the MARFU tourney to advance to Nationals in the very last play of the game. It was a 9-5 weak side play to the fullback! We had 18 players.

What is the best part about coaching Philly Women? Great Culture, Positive team, lots of skill and overall fun group!

Fun fact about yourself / anything else to share? I love Philly Women. My closest friends are my old teammates, my wife is a former teammate and I would do anything for the Philly Women Family :)