PWRFC Hall of Fame Criteria

Hall of fame inductees are selected with the following criteria in mind.

Inductee must display at least one of the following characteristics:

  • Membership on USA team, Territorial or Union all-star squad
  • Membership on PWRFC championship teams
  • Acknowledged superiority of skill relevant to positional category
  • Lofty display of sportsmanship
  • Production of an extraordinary playing record
  • Longevity of participation in the game of rugby
  • Overall contribution to PWRFC in the capacity of administrator, manager, coach, referee or other recognized personality of the game

Inductee must display all of the following characteristics:

  • Member of PWRFC for a minimum of 3 total years
  • Retired for a minimum of 2 years

Exceptions to aforementioned criteria:

  • In the case of the death of an active member, or a member who retired fewer than 2 years ago, the deceased member is eligible at the time of the next election, immediately following death.
  • Any player, administrator, manager, coach, referee or other personality who has been elected to the Hall Of Fame, and and who later brings the game and/or the Hall of Fame into disrepute, can be expelled at the discretion of the Selection Committee.

Induction procedures:

  • Inductees will be chosen by the Hall of Fame Selection Committee and honored at PWRFC’s Annual Friends and Family Day in May each year
  • The 5-member Selection Committee will be appointed the in January prior to Friends and Family Day by the current board (see details below), and no one can serve on the Selection Committee for more than 3 consecutive years
  • The Selection Committee will make a call for nominations to the current and retired members
  • All nominations will be considered and the Selection Committee will make the final appointments
  • There will be a maximum of 2 inductees per year
  • If there are no viable candidates, the Selection Committee reserves the right not to induct anyone

Selection Committee Framework

  • One PWRFC Board Member, who is also a current player. If there are no viable options, the PWRFC Board will select a current player at their discretion.
  • Four retired players, each representing a different decade in PWRFC’s history.